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Quality Delube Processor

Quality Delube Processor QDP 05 28 15 Blue

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binder removal furnace - quality delube processor

Abbott Furnace offers quality binder removal furnaces for the sintered metal industry. Thorough binder removal is essential to ensure the most productive and consistent sintering results. The Abbott Quality Delube Processor (QDP) binder removal furnace is designed to remove lubricants present in powdered metal compacts.

The use of custom designed reaction/combustion chambers and a regulated atmosphere control, combined with our under-hearth heating system, assures that the binder removal process is completed efficiently and effectively. The custom designed binder removal furnace may be included in the design of a new furnace or may be added as a retro-fit to an existing furnace.

Binder Removal Furnace Features:

Under-Hearth Heating

  • Uniform heating and improved heat control.

Continuously Fired Burners

  • Keeps heat constant.

Primary Gas Reaction/Retention Chamber

  • Exothermic atmosphere creation sector.

Secondary Gas Reaction/Retention Chamber

  • Lubricant removal area and a reaction center.