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Specialty Products

Binder Removal Furnaces – Quality Delube Processor (QDP)

Abbott Furnace offers quality binder removal furnaces for the sintered metal industry. Thorough binder removal is essential to ensure the most productive and consistent sintering results. The Abbott Quality Delube Processor (QDP) binder removal furnace is designed to remove lubricants present in powdered metal compacts.

The use of custom designed reaction/combustion chambers and a regulated atmosphere control, combined with our under-hearth heating system, assures that the binder removal process is completed efficiently and effectively. The custom designed binder removal furnace may be included in the design of a new furnace or may be added as a retro-fit to an existing furnace.

Binder Removal Furnace Features:

Under-Hearth Heating

  • Uniform heating and improved heat control.

Continuously Fired Burners

  • Keeps heat constant.

Primary Gas Reaction/Retention Chamber

  • Exothermic atmosphere creation sector.

Secondary Gas Reaction/Retention Chamber

  • Lubricant removal area and a reaction center.

Nitrogen Bubbler – Nitrogen Moisturizing Systems

Abbott Furnace Company’s solution for enhanced delubing is our Nitrogen Bubbler – Nitrogen Moisturizing System, also known in the industry as a Nitrogen Bubbler. This option incorporates the following features to ensure the desired wet Nitrogen conditions:

Nitrogen Bubbler Features:

Heated Water Chamber

  • Element preheats the water before introduction of Nitrogen.

Automatic Water Controls

  • Level sensors and solenoid maintain proper water level.

Automatic Nitrogen controls

  • Separate flow scopes control ratio of dry versus wet Nitrogen.

VARICOOL Cooling System

Enhanced cooling is recognized as a method of improving metallurgical properties without subsequent heat treating processes. Abbott’s VARICOOL cooling system combines radiant and convection cooling to accelerate the cooling capabilities of a continuous belt furnace, and is available on new furnace designs or as a retro-fit on an existing furnace.

VARICOOL Features:

Water Jacketed Chamber

  • Allows the convection cooling to be shut completely off.

Multiple Re-circulating Injection Ports

  • Uniform cooling throughout the VARICOOL chamber.

Water Cooled Heat Exchanger

  • Assists in cooling re-circulated atmosphere and increases cooling efficiency.

Adjustable Piping System

  • Control of the atmosphere re-circulation and optimizes cooling profile.

Abbott Furnace Company is a custom manufacturer and is not limited to the above-mentioned systems of delubrication. Each part or process has unique characteristics, which need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please call us with your needs.

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