Abbott Furnace Company • 1068 Trout Run Road • St. Marys, PA 15857 • P: 814-781-6355 • F: 814-781-7334

Abbott Furnace is a technology driven company. Each furnace is designed to deliver a time, temperature and atmosphere relationship for a specific powder metallurgy application and process. Our years of experience are complemented by ongoing research and development in the powder metallurgy, thermodynamics and mechanics of the processes, to improve old designs and meet the needs of future processes.


One of Abbott’s core capabilities is the design of furnaces and ovens that precisely control the atmosphere throughout the time a part or material is being thermally processed. Our understanding of the powder metallurgy, thermodynamics, kinetics and mechanics set us apart. Applying these to improve old designs and products, as well as developing new, is a common thread throughout each project. 

Every aspect of the furnace operation, along with the ever changing needs of the many processes, is reviewed routinely for improvement opportunities. Some of the current areas of interest are:

  • De-lubrication of powder metal components
  • Improved gathering and reporting of process information
  • Furnaces for high volume production at high temperatures
  • Extended life cycles of components and overall competitiveness

In addition to a focus on performance, each Abbott furnace is designed for ease of maintenance, and is backed by outstanding service and responsiveness.