Controlled Atmosphere Brazing Furnace- Cab Furnace

Abbott Furnace Company manufactures Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) Furnaces.  Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) using a noncorrosive flux, is the preferred process for manufacturing aluminum heat exchangers such as radiators, oil coolers, condensers, charge air coolers, and evaporators in the automotive industry.  A continuous, Controlled Atmosphere Brazing furnace is the most economical means for brazing components in larger volumes.  The time-temperature–atmosphere relationships provided by these furnaces are now capable of providing a brazing environment that was once only possible in a vacuum furnace. The general steps in the CAB process are thermal degreasing, fluxing, drying, brazing, and cooling. Due to the unique process benefits, the Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) process is rapidly finding new applications in aerospace, industrial, power plant, and HVACR manufacturing.  Through innovative designs and simple routine maintenance, these furnaces are capable of producing products at lower capital and operating costs.

Abbott Furnace Company is a market leader in continuous process furnaces with more than 35 years of experience engineering and producing some of the industry’s most reliable and high-performance continuous process furnaces.  Abbott Furnace custom designs and engineers Controlled Atmosphere Brazing Furnaces (CAB Furnaces), as well as other brazing, sintering, and heat treat industrial furnaces.

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