F.A.S.T. Moisture Control System

F.A.S.T. Moisture Control System

The F.A.S.T. Moisture Control System (FMCS) is a hydration system designed to remove the high carbonaceous vapors emitted during lubricant removal from the preheat zone of a continuous belt furnace using steam injection, allowing the customer to regulate and maintain a constant Dew Point. The FMCS has also been shown to reduce stack emission particulate. Water is directly injected into the heater of the FMCS to become water vapor. Nitrogen is used to carry the water vapor to the furnace. The efficiency of the direct water vapor injection provides increased process control and repeatability.

Key Features / Capabilities

      • Nitrogen flow rate of up to 200 scfh
      • Water flow rate of up to 0.3 gph
      • 1 kw (120V) heater provides a water temperature of up to 380 °F.
      • Adjustable Water Flow control
      • Adjustable N2 Flow control

Note: Nitrogen flow rate, water temperature, furnace configuration, and the furnace atmosphere all influence the dew point increase that is achievable. The system optimization may be required to realize full benefits.

F.a.s.t. Moisture Control System For Industrial Furnaces


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