Nitrogen Bubbler, Nitrogen Moisturizing System

Abbott Furnace Company’s solution for enhanced delubing is our Nitrogen Bubbler – Nitrogen Moisturizing System, also known in the industry as a Nitrogen Bubbler. This option incorporates the following features to ensure the desired wet Nitrogen conditions:

Heated Water Chamber
The element preheats the water before the introduction of Nitrogen.

Automatic Water Controls
Level sensors and solenoid maintain the proper water levels.

Automatic Nitrogen controls
Separate flow scopes control ratio of dry versus wet Nitrogen.

Abbott Furnace Nitrogen Bubbler Atmosphere Generator

Other Atmosphere Generators

Abbott Furnace Dissociated Ammonia Atmosphere Generators

Dissociated Ammonia Generator

Abbott Furnace’s Dissociated Ammonia Generators are designed to provide an economical source of pure, dry, highly reducing atmosphere. The dissociating process produces an atmosphere gas that consists of 25% nitrogen and 75% hydrogen.

Abbott Furnace Endothermic Gas Atmosphere Generators

Endothermic Gas Generator

Abbott Furnace Company’s Endothermic gas generators offer a large capacity with a minimum footprint and automated controls for continuous process furnace needs as a reliable and easy to maintain unit.

F.a.s.t. Moisture Control System For Industrial Furnaces


The F.A.S.T. Moisture Control System (FMCS) is a hydration system designed to remove the high carbonaceous vapors emitted during lubricant removal from the preheat zone of a continuous belt furnace using steam injection.

Abbott Furnace Methanol Control System

Methanol Control System

Abbott Furnace Company’s Methanol Control System, the MCS100, is designed to inject a constant stream of blended nitrogen/methanol into continuous belt furnaces.