Abbott Furnace Company provides industry-leading, industrial furnace consulting and analytical services including Furnace Atmosphere Analysis and Furnace Temperature Profiling.

The atmosphere in a furnace is critical. Depending on the furnace design, it can prevent oxidation, reduce oxides, help with delubrication or control carbon. Maintaining the required atmosphere is important for optimizing furnace performance, assuring production of a consistent, quality product and improving process control.

Abbott’s atmosphere analysis provides verification of the atmosphere composition, quantity and quality.

Analysis begins with establishing the baseline conditions. This includes checking dew point and O2 of both incoming gases and in all parts of the furnace, as well as determining the temperature profile in the furnace. Ideally, it should be done as part of a regular preventative maintenance program and whenever the process is changed or problems occur during production.


Atmosphere Profile By Abbott Furnace Analytical Services

Atmosphere Profile

Abbott’s atmosphere profile is a detailed graphical representation of the atmosphere constituents and integrity. It provides the basis for re-setting furnace conditions or further atmosphere analysis and troubleshooting.

Temperature Profile By Abbott Furnace Analytical Services

Temperature Profile

Abbott Furnace utilizes specialized equipment to generate these profiles.Abbott can provide either one time or routine profiling services.

Screen View Of Abbott Furnace S.m.a.r.t. Monitoring And Analytics System
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