What’s So Cool About Abbott Furnace? Elk County Catholic Wants to Show You.

In November students from Elk County Catholic Middle School spent the day at Abbott Furnace Company in preparation of their Dream It Do It/What’s So Cool About Manufacturing video project. The Elk County Catholic students are competing against schools in the North Central region of Pennsylvania in a video contest. Each school is partnered with a local manufacturing company to develop a video that tells a story about the manufacturing opportunities and jobs at each of the companies. The goal of the “What So Cool About Manufacturing” program is to promote the career opportunities that exist in the area.

During the student’s tour and filming, they experienced, firsthand, most of the manufacturing processes that Abbott uses day to day to produce a furnace. Elk County Catholic saw how a small manufacturing company in St. Marys has become a world leader in industrial furnace manufacturing. We are elated with the video that the Elk County Catholic students produced. Regardless of the outcome, the employees of Abbott Furnace Company and the students of Elk County Catholic enjoyed working together on a video that highlights how much hidden potential Elk County has to not only work, but live!

Voting happens March 5th – March 7th! Click here to cast your vote for Elk County Catholic and Abbott Furnace.

Abbott Furnace Company