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Heat Treat

Heat Treat Furnaces | Temper / Draw Furnaces

Abbott heat treat temper/draw furnaces provide improved control over time and temperature relations for the processing of ferrous and nonferrous alloys. Our heat treat temper/draw furnaces are commonly used for the tempering of austenitized and quench hardened steel or iron at temperatures generally below 1300°F and hardened steel around 300°F.

Abbott heat treat temper/draw furnaces provide a reliable platform for achieving various mechanical properties during tempering, as well as reducing the residual stresses during the stress relieving process.

Heat Treat Furnace Features:

Special Muffle Design

  • Abbott Furnace Company uses a unique ductwork muffle design which improves the efficiency of both gas-fired and electric versions of our annealing furnaces.

Gas or Electric Heating

  • We offer both types of furnace heating, depending on your needs.

Monitoring & Control

  • Abbott Furnace Company offers computerized monitoring and control systems that may supervise several different functions including: heat treat furnace temperature, atmosphere flow, dew point, oxygen content, carbon control, belt speed, etc.
  • Abbott utilizes a variety of systems to perform these functions.
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