Industrial Furnace Product Lines

Continuous Belt Furnace

Abbott Furnace Company is an industrial furnace manufacturer with 40 years of experience designing and producing some of the industry’s most reliable and high-performing industrial continuous belt furnaces.

We manufacture a variety of continuous belt industrial furnaces for both the domestic and international market, including powder metal, annealing, brazing, binder jet debinding and sintering, glass to metal seal, EV batteries, soft magnetic composites, carbon felt, and molded pulp packaging.

We are a leading producer of industrial sintering furnaces, annealing furnaces, tempering furnaces, brazing furnaces, heat treat furnaces, steam treat furnaces, industrial ovens, CAB furnaces, high-temperature, and other specialty furnace products.

We are a privately owned company headquartered in St. Marys, Pennsylvania. Our furnaces are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Industrial Furnace Product Lines

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