Steam Treatment Furnaces

Abbott Steam Treat Furnaces

Abbott Furnace manufactures highly efficient steam treatment furnaces for continuous steam treating. Abbott Furnace Company’s continuous mesh belt steam treatment furnaces provide a viable alternative to batch process methods. Contact us if you have a steam treat application that requires high throughput.

Steam Treatment Furnace Features:

Humpback Design

  • Our steam treaters isolate the steam chamber.
  • Allows greater throughput and improved efficiency.

Electric or Gas-fired Boiler

  • Abbott Furnace Company offers both types of boiler heating, depending on your needs.

Continuous Steam Treating

  • Provides sealing of the porosity, corrosion resistance and improved overall appearance of the parts.

Monitoring & Control

  • Abbott Furnace Company offers computerized monitoring and control systems that may supervise several different functions including furnace temperature, atmosphere flow, dew point, oxygen content, carbon control, belt speed, etc.
  • We utilize a variety of systems to perform these functions.

Steam Treatment Fundamentals

The steam treatment process is the controlled oxidation of metals to produce a thin layer of oxide on the surface of a component. This process can be used to provide a component with increased corrosion resistance, better wear resistance, increased surface hardness, an attractive surface finish, and, in the case of porous materials such as powder metal, seal the part porosity and increase the density.

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