Nautilus Delube System for Soft Magnetic Composites

Abbott Furnace Nautilus Delube System

The Nautilus is the latest development in the production of soft magnetic composites that utilize convective heating and independent atmosphere injection to provide optimal process environments.

While imparting strength, an insulating oxide coating is formed on each particle of the soft magnetic compact. This technology eliminates the costly need to sinter at high temperatures and high hydrogen levels. The result is a composite with unique and improved soft magnetic properties.

Years of research in the areas of lubricant removal and the formation of coherent oxide coatings in high-density components have been combined to provide an approach that enhances soft magnetic component manufacturing.

Lubricant removal is critical to the prevention of the loss of magnetic performance. The coherent oxide provides an insulation layer around each particle to improve properties.

Lubricant is required for the compaction of the powder metal component. However, if all of the lubricant is not removed prior to applying the oxide coating, carbon soot from the lubricant will contaminate the oxide coating and negatively affect the magnetic properties of the final component.

The Nautilus Soft Magnetic Composites Process is another Abbott Furnace innovation that is driving improved performance and cost efficiencies.

    • Single-pass processing of soft magnetic composites provides cost savings
    • Incorporates innovative lubricant removal technology
    • Coherent insulation layer provides improved magnetic properties

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