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We manufacture a variety of industrial furnaces for both the domestic and international industries including:


Different types of thermal processing have been used in automotive component manufacturing for decades to prepare materials, parts, and assemblies for numerous applications, such as: Heat exchangers, Radiators, Oil coolers, Fuel Rails, Condensers, Charge air coolers, Evaporators, and motor components.

In these applications, thermal processes such as sintering, brazing, Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB), and annealing are used to produce improved strength, stability, and other mechanical properties.

Additive Manufacturing

Abbott Furnace provides heat treat solutions for the 3-D printing industry including sintering, de-binding and stress relieving. The initial primary focus markets are medical, aerospace and the automotive industry but many other markets will follow this fast-growing trend.


Abbott Furnace has years of research in the areas of lubricant removal and the formation of coherent oxide coatings in high-density components. These processes have been combined to provide an approach that enhances soft magnetic component manufacturing. Lubricant is required for the compaction of the powder metal component. The Nautilus Soft Magnetic Composites Process is another Abbott Furnace innovation that is driving improved performance and cost efficiencies.

Glass to Metal Seal

Abbott Furnace designs continuous furnaces for glass-to-metal sealing. The purpose of glass-to-metal seals is to enable reliable connections and protection for the manufacturing of high quality and long-lasting hermetically sealed components or equipment. This is required in many industries such as high-temperature sensors, oil and gas applications, batteries and capacitors, nuclear reactors, spark plugs and various electronic applications, among others.

Carbon Felt

Carbon felt requires several heat treatment processes and Abbott Furnace can provide furnace solutions for these required processes such as Pyrolysis, Carbonization, and Graphitization among others. The growing industry needs can be traced back to the trend of lightweight and increased strength requirements in several industries like automotive, aerospace, civil engineering, military, and wind energy market segments.

Molded Pulp Packaging

Abbott Furnace manufactures Pulp Drying Ovens primarily for the packaging industry. The oven will dry the recycled paper or cardboard mixture into the desired shape by reducing the moisture content to precise levels. This process is used for many various protective packaging applications from egg cartons to industrial products.

Powder Metal

Abbott Furnaces are used for De-Binding and Sintering components for the Powder Metal industry such as steering components, transmission components, connecting rods, gears, pulleys, sprockets along with many other various requirements

Electric Vehicles

Abbott Furnaces are used for processing battery cathodes and anodes, brazing cooling systems for the battery packs and various new applications. There are also many various requirements for light weighting vehicles.

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