Furnace Muffles


Abbott Furnace offers quick turn arounds on regular water-jacketed coolers for our industrial furnace equipment as well as competitors’ equipment.  We are also able to design or retrofit a cooling system to fit into an existing furnace, even if it is not an Abbott System.

Abbott’s proprietary VariCool Convective Cooling System combines radiant and convection cooling to accelerate the cooling capabilities of a continuous belt industrial furnace and is available on new industrial furnace designs or as a retrofit on an existing industrial furnace.

Custom Designed Muffles

Abbott Furnace Muffles

Abbott Furnace Company is a leader in the manufacturing of custom high-temperature corrugated and straight-wall furnace muffles for continuous process industrial furnaces.

      • wide range of configurations
      • variety of high-temperature
      • corrosion-resistant alloys

refurbished & rebuilt Muffles

We can design, build, and install any style and size of furnace muffle & oxidation chamber.

      • Repairs and rebuilds of existing furnace muffles
      • Fast Turnaround Time
      • Installation of Replacement Furnace Muffles

The Abbott Furnace team ensures the highest quality industrial furnace components are manufactured on time; our turnaround times are the fastest in the industry and in emergency situations, we can complete the manufacturing process in as little as 72 hours.


Abbott Furnace Company also provides other industrial furnace replacement spare parts and components for continuous furnace systems.

      • Cooling Chambers
      • Dumping Systems
      • Retorts
      • Bins, Baskets, Hoppers
      • Conveyors


      • Plasma Arc Cutting
      • Welding
      • Plumbing
      • Electrical
      • Control electronics
      • CAD-based design services
      • Cutting & drilling of Refractories


      • Plasma Arc Burn Table
        • Max sheet 96” x 240”, 2½” thick
      • Press Brakes
        • Max sheet 20’ wide, ½” thick
      • Rolls
        • Min 6” dia, max sheet 48” long, ¼” thick
        • Min 8” dia, max sheet 60” long, ½” thick
      • Shears
        • Hot Rolled sheet; max 12’ wide, ½” thick
        • Stainless; max 12’ wide, 3/8” thick
      • Punches
        • ½” sheet; max hole 111/16”
        • ¾” sheet; max hole 13/16”
      • Welding Equipment
        • Hot rolled
        • Stainless
        • Aluminum
      • Refractory Cutting & Drilling

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