Abbott Furnace Humpback Brazing Furnace

Abbott Furnace Company custom designs and manufactures continuous belt brazing furnaces in both straight or humpback designs.  These furnaces are used in the manufacturing process where there is a need to join simple or complex designs of one joint or multi-joint assemblies.  Furnace brazing is a semi-automated process by which metal components are joined using a dissimilar lower filler metal. Abbott Furnace Company’s continuous belt brazing furnaces ensure consistent brazing results by offering superior temperature and atmosphere control.

Features of Brazing Furnaces:

Alloy or Ceramic Muffle

  • Muffle to help direct, control, and reduce atmosphere flow.
  • May incorporate a silicon carbide muffle.
  • This ceramic muffle is guaranteed for 5 years if used under recommended operating procedures.

Single or Dual Boxes

  • We offer both single and two-section furnace designs, depending on the expected cleanliness of your product before it enters the furnace.

Straight or Humpback

  • Both straight-through and humpback designs.

Gas or Electric Heating

  • Abbott Furnace Company offers both types of furnace heating, depending on your needs.
  • Our gas heating systems incorporate Abbott’s “pulse-fire” technology.

Atmosphere Moisturizing

  • Abbott Furnace Company offers an optional moisturizing system that can be used to alter furnace dew points to ensure proper brazing conditions.

Abbott Furnace also offers convective heated units for brazing products at lower temperatures up to 1000ºF.  These furnaces incorporate fan assemblies inserted into the muffle and can be heated with either electric or gas.

Abbott Continuous Brazing Furnace

Brazing Fundamentals

During the brazing process, a brazed joint is formed by the filler metal melting and flowing via a capillary effect into the pores of the closely fitted surfaces of the joint to form an alloy of the metals upon solidification.

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