Abbott Furnace is pleased to participate in the Automotive Industry Action Group’s (AIAG) Brazing Work Group. According to AIAG, this group has “developed a process to validate the effectiveness of brazing processes throughout the entire supply chain. This includes an assessment based on best practices that ensures quality, reliability and durability of components from Brazing processes.”

As a leader in the industrial furnace marketplace, providing continuous belt furnaces for a range of industrial applications including brazing, Abbott is excited to bring our technical expertise and experience to this collaborative effort.

Abbott is honored that AIAG values our in-house knowledge of the brazing process in developing this new standard for automotive suppliers. We agree with AIAG’s statement that “providing a common assessment tool for the industry should result in less variation and fewer warranty claims, leaks and recalls – providing a framework for improvement which will enable organizations to ensure design and product specification requirements are consistently met.”

Brazing Specifications

Suppliers can use this information to review their supply chains, operations, procedures, and documentation in order to meet their customers’ requirements and improve product quality.

At Abbott we are committed to quality in manufacturing for our own products and those of our customers – please contact us to learn more.

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