Binder Removal Furnace – Quality Delube Processor (QDP)

Abbott Furnace QDP - Quality Delube Processor
Abbott Furnace Quality Delube Processor

Thorough binder removal is essential to ensure the most productive and consistent sintering results. Through the use of properly sized reaction chambers, regulated atmosphere control and an under hearth heating system the Abbott Furnace QDP ensures optimum consistency and uniformity and is available on all new sintering furnaces and also as a retrofit on existing sintering furnaces.


Continuously Fired Burner System:
Located in the upper chamber of the muffle, the burner creates an exothermic atmosphere that reacts with lubricants in the product.

Under Hearth Heating System:
Adjusts to furnace load to maintain consistent burner ratio and atmosphere flow.

Multiple Thermocouple Locations:
Assists in controlling the desired temperature profile by allowing for variable thermocouple locations.

Muffled Design:
Prevents contamination of the insulation and heating elements from the by-products of delubrication.

Integrated Preheat Zone:
This option offers a separately controlled zone to enhance the temperature profile by providing a preheat area.

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