Abbott Furnace Installs and Commissions an Endogas Generator

Abbott Furnace Company has recently designed, manufactured, and installed a 6,000 SCFH Endothermic Gas Generator (Endogas Generator) at Sintergy Inc. in Reynoldsville, PA. The design of the Abbott SP-6000 generator is a modular concept with each module producing up to 6000scfh of endothermic gas. This generator brings an innovative retort design that allows a single retort to produce endo gas at this rate without sacrificing gas quality and maintaining a 6:1 turndown ratio. The team at Sintergy is pleased with the level of control that the new system gives them and said that they were only seeing ±1°F in dewpoint variation from setpoint. Abbott has included all the improvements you would expect to see in new equipment today including state-of-the-art controls with Allen Bradley PLC, data logging, dewpoint and methane sensors, and an updated gas safety system.

To learn more about Abbott Furnace Company’s Endothermic Gas Generators and other atmosphere generators we produce, click here.

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