Continuous Furnace

A continuous furnace is a type of industrial furnace in which the charge introduced at one end moves continuously through the furnace and is discharged at the other end. The product to be heat treated sits on a conveyor belt and moves through the furnace.

Continuous Belt Furnace Manufactured By Abbott Furnace Company

Why Continuous Furnaces?

Continuous Furnaces (also known as Continuous Belt or Conveyor Belt Furnaces) carry process parts or material through the primary heating chamber for rapid thermal processing. They are designed for fast drying products and are often a great choice for medium and high-volume part manufacturing. https://abbottfurnace.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Why-Continuous-Belt-Furnaces_.mp4

Joint Brazing

Industrial Heat Treatment Furnace Guide

Heat-treating is using rapid heating and cooling to alter the physical or chemical properties of metal or other substances. This is usually done to improve the metal’s hardness, strength, or ductility, but heat-treating can also be used to remove residual stress and increase wear resistance. Processes that rely on heat treatment include brazing, tempering, annealing, case hardening, normalizing and sintering. 

Continuous Furnace Symposium Held in Monterrey, Mexico

Attendees from industrial furnace and manufacturing companies across the United States and Mexico gathered on November 7th and 8th in Monterrey, Mexico for Abbott Furnace’s third annual Continuous Furnace Symposium. This year’s symposium was focused on continuous furnace brazing. For two days, experts in the areas of continuous furnaces, filler metals, belts, CQI-9, furnace atmosphere …

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Abbott Furnace Expands to Mexico

Abbott Mexico, the Abbott Furnace Company division serving Mexico and South America was established in early 2017. In May, Abbott Mexico completed its first industrial furnace installation at an automotive parts manufacturing company in Mexico. The installation was challenging because the industrial furnace is a very large piece of equipment that needed to be installed …

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