Heat Treat Furnaces

Heat treat furnaces are used in the process of heat treating metals which involves mostly heating and subsequently rapid quenching and annealing.

Joint Brazing

Industrial Heat Treatment Furnace Guide

Heat-treating is using rapid heating and cooling to alter the physical or chemical properties of metal or other substances. This is usually done to improve the metal’s hardness, strength, or ductility, but heat-treating can also be used to remove residual stress and increase wear resistance. Processes that rely on heat treatment include brazing, tempering, annealing, case hardening, normalizing and sintering. 

Featured In Industrial Heating

Abbott Furnace Company’s Director of Research and Development, Stephen L. Feldbauer’s paper on Abbott’s Vulcan titled “A Review of Lubricant Removal Systems and the Latest Technology” was featured in the January 2020 issue of Industrial Heating magazine. Lubricant removal continues to be one of the most common issues in sintering. The cover featured a photo …

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Industry Veteran, Mike Jacobs, Joins Abbott Furnace Company

Mike Jacobs has joined Abbott Furnace Company as Marketing Manager.  He will be responsible for managing the companies marketing strategy. Mike comes from another industrial furnace manufacturer where he worked on various furnaces for almost 15 years.  He was most recently managing the company’s Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) business and the Roller Hearth product line. …

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