MIS100 Nitrogen Bubbler

The MIS100 is designed to inject a water-misted stream of nitrogen into a continuous furnace to increase the dew point. Typically, the MIS100 will deliver approximately 6 lbs. of water/hr*. The MIS100 is a modular, stand-alone system that can be easily and quickly retrofitted to existing furnaces. It may also be ordered as an option on new furnaces. The MIS100 contains all the necessary temperature and atmosphere controls. They can be integrated into existing furnace safeties.

Key Features / Capabilities

      • Nitrogen flow rate of up to 500 cfh
      • 2kw (120V) or 3kw (480V) heater provides a water temperature of up to 190°F.
      • Auto water level and fill control
      • Adjustable N2 flow control
      • N2 bypass for when misting is not required

Note: Nitrogen flow rate, water temperature, furnace configuration and the furnace atmosphere all influence the dew point increase that is achievable. Experimentation will be required.

Abbott Furnace Mis100 Nitrogen Bubbler

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