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Abbott Furnace Mexico Continuous Furnace Brazing Symposium


Abbott Furnace Company hosted its 6th Continuous Furnace Brazing Symposium at Fiesta Americana in Aguascalientes, Mexico from August 8-10, 2023. The two-and-a-half-day symposium featured 13 different technical presentations offered by experts in their specialized fields representing a variety of companies. While including a virtual component in addition to the live presentations, nearly 50 attendees participated

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5th Annual Mexican Continuous Brazing Symposium

Abbott Furnace Company wrapped up its Fifth Annual Mexican Continuous Brazing Symposium at the end of May in Puebla, Mexico. For two and a half days attendees heard from experts in the areas of continuous furnaces, filler metals, belts, CQI-9, furnace atmosphere generation, and atmosphere flow control, troubleshooting, maintenance and optimization,  Lecturers were Penn State

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